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“Jenny Abel is amazing. I went to see Jenny for treatment of digestion issues as I have been suffering for a while. I learned very useful information about which foods to avoid and which organs were under stress and Jenny really took the time to evaluate my symptoms. The treatment I received was so gentle and I felt very at ease and peaceful. I highly recommend Jenny for treatment of any type of ailment as acupuncture is such a fantastic treatment that is so aligned with our bodies natural ability to heal itself.” – ZF

“Skilled, thorough, compassionate care. I recently had an acupuncture treatment with Jenny. I was in pain due to shingles. Jenny explained what was going on in my body and helped me to understand the interplay of nutrition, alignment, and my overall health. The treatment progressed as she said it would and I have progressively been eased from pain (over the 72 hours she said it would take). I am a happy, repeat client!” – JN

“I just wanted to convey my gratitude for my acupuncturist: JENNY ABEL who was great to deal with for the problem in my knees. She has an excellent aura around her so you really get the sense that she truly wants to help aid your recovery. I attribute this to the western hospitality she exudes while being fully armed with the eastern knowledge of her chosen profession of acupuncture. I would definitely recommend her, especially to guide anyone who is newer to this type of special medical practice” –TH

“Jenny Abel is a caring, thoughtful and thorough acupuncturist who would be perfect for anyone new to acupuncture and would also be well-suited to those with more experience. She brings a gentle and intelligent approach to her work and explains the treatment strategy clearly to her patients. I felt nourished and relaxed after my session with her and look forward to more sessions in future.” – JA

“Jenny Abel is a very hard working and empathetic young woman who believes very strongly in the value of acupuncture to people with different health challenges. If you are in need of acupuncture I cannot imagine a more caring, compassionate health professional to deliver those services.” – KA.

I’d recommend Jenny for acupuncture. She greeted me with warm energy and made me feel comfortable. Her intake was so thorough she even gave me some food recommendations. After the treatment my back felt great!” – K

“Jenny Abel has the most calming presence I have ever encountered. At a very stressful time in my life, she mentioned how acupuncture is amazing for rebalancing the body and can help treat many ailments. I have had about 8 treatments and everytime I go to see her, she lights up my whole experience with her empathy and caring nature! She does all the necessary needles for what I personally want to work on and always depending on how I feel! I have such a deep gratitude for her help with my stomach issues, hormones, thyroid, and many other issues from stress. Getting acupuncture is my time to re-center myself and do something good for my wellbeing. The way Jenny has it set up in her space, makes me want to lay there in pure bliss forever!” – VL

Jenny’s knowledge and dedication to her profession got me very fast results

“I recently had the chance to try acupuncture for the first time and I could have not asked for a better acupuncturist than Jenny. I have been amazed by the changes I have seen so far, even after the very first session, and by discovering how willing and open my body is to the treatment. Jenny’s knowledge and dedication to

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certainly meant to be a healer

“It is an honour to be a patient of Jenny Abel’s.  Her acupuncture technique, reflection and caring helped me to heal through a difficult transition.  I will certainly return for up keep but I feel healed after eight revitalizing sessions.  Jenny was present, concerned, a good listener and she is certainly meant to be a healer. ” RW



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